About us


We are a network of expert professionals on sustainability. We work hard to offer the best services to your sustainability needs. Even within sustainability we focus on what we understand better, which are the services we offer: information, assurance, training and consulting

Our experience, credibility, independence, background and ability to deliver, always very close to our clients, listening to their needs, where and when they need it, are our key advantages.

As a young service company, SUST4IN relies on the combination of the experience of our people spanning almost two decades of professional services.


SUST4IN is the fruit of the vision, experience, knowledge and passion of Marcio Viegas, its founder and current managing director. The company is headquartered in Madrid: a geographical, business, cultural and language hub for bridging Europe, Latin America and Africa. It is our firm intention to expand with our clients towards Latin America, other parts of Europe and Africa.

Our focus is sustainability, already a big word, offering different solutions in different languages, currently English, Spanish, Portuguese and basic French and German.

SUST4IN is growing using the “lean startup” method, always centered on our clients, more than on our passions and trying to “get out of the building” as much as we can to be closer to clients.

We are a network of expert professionals on sustainability.

SUST4IN supports:

Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican
Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde
New Plastics Global Commitment
Sustainable Development Goals