Our founder

Marcio Viegas has 20 years’ experience in Professional Services in almost 30 countries: Consulting, Training, Auditing, plus International Standards and Regulatory development. Within this period: more than 15 years dedicated to Sustainability, 10 to Sales&Marketing and more than 10 years leadership experience at Director level. 

Marcio has a strong technical background on environmental management with a BSc in Civil Engineering, Expert in Environmental Management and MSc in Hydraulic/Environmental Engineering from Universidade de Sao Paulo, combined with business management background thanks to an MBA from IE Business School and experience in social issues acquired during his career and projects in Africa and South America for instance. He has a successful experience in managing and growing multimillion businesses, teams of almost 30 highly qualified people full time, plus a network of technical experts. He has been awarded by his customer focus and is naturally very entrepreneurial, although he managed to partially control that during his many and uninterrupted years at large global organizations, while nurturing the vision of SUST4IN. 

What we now call sustainability was always Marcio’s main focus area from his school days in the quiet and green countryside of Brazil, to his time at the university at the more chaotic and less green Sao Paulo, to his global professional and (unfortunately) carbon intensive experience, and to these days. His commitment is stronger now that he is working at SUST4IN in Madrid while striving for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Marcio has lived in Sao Paulo, London, Madrid, worked in almost 30 countries and travelled to more than 70 countries. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, plus intermediate French. Marcio has a son who is against any car that is not “totally electric” and collaborates with less NGOs than he would like to. 

We are a network of expert professionals on sustainability.

SUST4IN supports:

Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican
Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde
New Plastics Global Commitment
Sustainable Development Goals