ESG Metrics – 8th Edition: ESRS Special

ESG Metrics Executive Programme 8th Edition: ESRS

11th to 22st March 2024 | 10:00am - 11:30am (CET)

Without metrics, there is no ESG

The new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) are now officially in force as a binding framework for sustainability reporting under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

The ESRS have a similar architecture to the GRI standards, with two transversal standards, five focused on the environment, four to social issues and only one on governance.

Arquitectura NEIS

The ESRS require publishing relevant information on “significant” impacts, risks and opportunities, as well as metrics and objectives, some mandatory and others identified through a double materiality assessment, based on a list with more of 1000 metrics, data points or “disclosure requirements”!

On the other hand, professionals responsible for the preparation and analysis of sustainability information have many doubts and are especially concerned about meeting the new requirements in such a short time.

  1. How to involve boards and management committees?
  2. How can an investor, analyst or bank take advantage and assess the information?
  3. What to report and make any judgement when there is no data?
  4. How to optimize, digitalize and use the metrics and objetives for analysis, management and improvement?

As an answer to this situation, SUST4IN launches the 8th Edition of the ESG Metrics Executive Programme: ESRS, whose objective is to present and discuss the new ESRS, including its main metrics, through interactive classes, presentations and practical examples. In addition to the theoretical-practical classes and exercises, in this eighth edition we will have the privilege to learn, first-hand, from Acciona, Canbury, CDP, Clarity AI, EFRAG, EU Platform on Sustainable Finance, ING, Mirova, Nilfisk, Philips, SIX, and others to be confirmed.

An unique opportunity, at a key moment, to understand and update yourself with the new ESRS to implement them efficiently and in compliance with the CSRD.

At SUST4IN we have been training and advising different actors on sustainability reporting for 10 years. In 2020 we started the ESG Metrics Executive Programme, -open and “in company”-, which has already trained regulators, companies, investors and others.

Duration: 15h. Composed of ten sessions of an hour and a half each, plus an optional live exam

Format: online – live and at your own pace

Date: 11th to 22nd March 2024 

Schedule: 10:00am to 11:30am (CET, Madrid)

Full videos available the same day throughout the programme on a private channel.

ESG Metrics 8th Edition brochure


  • Marcio Viegas, Founder and Managing Director, SUST4IN

>Confirmed presentations and practical cases:

  • Amir Sokolowski, Global Director, Climate Change, CDP
  • Begoña Giner Inchausti, Sustainability Reporting Board Senior Director Member, EFRAG and Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting, Universidad de Valencia
  • Gemma Sánchez-Danes, Acting Head of Secretariat, Sustainability Reporting (ESRS), EFRAG
  • Hans Biemans, Head of Sustainable Markets, ING and Member, EU Platform on Sustainable Finance
  • José Luis Blasco, Global Sustainability Director, Acciona
  • Malene Thiele, VP, ESG & Sustainability, Nilfisk
  • Martina Macpherson, Head of ESG Products, SIX
  • Mathilde Dufour, Head of Sustainability Research, Mirova
  • Simon Braaksma, Senior Director, Philips and Sustainability Reporting Board Member, EFRAG
  • Thomas Willman, Regulatory Lead, Clarity AI
  • Will Martindale, Co-founder and Managing Director, Canbury Insights

> Programme – Curriculum

  1. CSRD: Legal Regime – Introduction
  2. ESRS: Regulatory Regime – Introduction
  3. Environmental impacts, risks and opportunities (E)
  4. Social impacts, risks and opportunities (S)
  5. Governance impacts, risks and oppotunities (G)
  6. Audits. Interoperability and references. Digitalization, artificial intelligence and other trends.

>Participant profile: professionals and other stakeholders with knowledge and experience in ESG/sustainability-related topics, seeking to understand how to prepare and interpret sustainability reports in accordance with the CSRD Directive and the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

  • Business and other organization professionals: Members of Boards of Directors and Executive Committees, Sustainability/CSR/environment/occupational hazards, Financial and treasury management, Strategic planning management, Investor relations management, Risk/compliance/legal management, Human resources management. 

  • Financial market operators: Investment fund selectors and managers, Risk control managers, ESG analysts, Private banking professionals. 
  • Other interested parties: Auditors and Verifiers, Regulators and other authorities, Foundations and other philanthropic entities, Lawyers, Specialized journalists, Researchers. 
*With delegates signed up for this edition or previous ones.

>Methodology and optional evaluation:

The programme combines theoretical and practical content, dynamic online surveys, quizzes, optional readings, as well as practical examples.

The modules are flexible and the participant can watch and interact live during each daily 1.5h session or watch the recording of each session, at their own pace, until the end of the course.

At the end of the programme, an optional online final exam will be taken live.

Full videos available the same day throughout the programme on a private channel.

>10 reasons to attend:

  1. Updated content, based on the new ESRS, science and regulation, with practical examples and cases
  2. Eighth edition of the programme started in 2020, with the experience, independence and quality of SUST4IN
  3. Speakers of the highest level and with different perspectives and from different countries
  4. Flexibility to complete the programme at your own pace*
  5. Executive level delegates: directors, managers, analysts, auditors and researchers also from various countries and sectors
  6. Live and interactive classes and quizzes, questions and debate
  7. Recordings available the same day
  8. Optional exam
  9. Verified digital certificate of approval
  10. Satisfied clients

*Except the optional exam, which is live, online

>Certification: SUST4IN will issue a verified certificate of attendance (>75% attendance). In addition, delegates who pass the exam will receive a verified digital certificate of approval.

More information:

LinkedIn certificate

>About your verified digital certificate of approval: Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll receive a verified digital certificate of approval, linkable to your LinkedIn profile, from SUST4IN as proof of your knowledge of ESG Metrics.

The assessment is based on an exam to be completed online. In order to be issued with a digital certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the programme introduction.

Your verified digital certificate will be issued in your name and sent to you upon successful completion of the programme.


At SUST4IN, sustainability experts, we have been training and advising different actors on sustainability reporting for 10 years. In 2020 we started the series of ESG Metrics executive programmes, with open and “in company” editions, which have already trained professionals from regulators, companies, investors and others.

>Entities that have trusted us for training

Institution that have trusted SUST4IN for sustainability training


What are the requirements to successfully complete the programme?

The SUST4IN ESG Metrics Executive Programme follows a dynamic and interactive online learning process with classes of 1.5h, which is in our experience the perfect attention time-span, for you to learn while enjoying the programme.

In addition to attending the programme, participants are expected to pass the online live exam to earn the Certificate of Approval.

To complete the programme and earn the certificate, participants are required to:

  • Attend a minimum of 75% of the modules
  • Approve the online live exam.

I am very busy now. What is the time commitment expected from me?

The ESG Metrics Executive Programme has been designed with your busy schedule in mind. You will be required to commit not more than 15 hours over two weeks, plus the optional online live exam, enabling you to benefit from this impactful programme while balancing your work and life responsibilities. The programme offers a blend of self-paced modules and live interaction.

How do the live sessions work?

The Programme includes live and asynchronous online sessions, all in an easy-access Zoom platform, with renowned experts and European peers. You can take advantage of daily live sessions which are shared the same day of the live session – as well as all the presentations (in a PDF format) – and remains available, for you to view or review as many time as as you want, throughout the programme.

What are the technical requirements to follow the programme?

In order to complete the programme, you’ll simply need a current email account and access to a computer and the internet, as well as access to Zoom and a PDF Reader.


Amir Sokolowski

Global Director, Climate Change, CDP

Amir Sokolowski is the Global Director of the Climate Change Team. His team provides the up-to-date thought leadership on the subject, helping ensure that CDP incentivizes ambition and is in line with the latest knowledge and developments on the subject. This is expressed through CDP positions on climate as well as the Climate Questionnaire.

Amir has 15 years of experience working on the ground, with government and as part of international negotiations enhancing every element of climate governance. He has worked across many countries drafting legislation, verifying REDD+ projects, negotiating institutions around carbon markets and contributing to the Paris Rule Book.

Amir has an MPhil from Oxford, writing around the cultural underpinnings of environmental law, an LLB and a BA in Medieval History from TAU.

Complete profile:

Begoña Giner Inchausti

Sustainability Reporting Board Member, EFRAG

Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting, Universidad de València

Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at the University of Valencia, PhD from that University and Master in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics. Research Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA), during the 2010-2011 academic year, and visiting professor at various universities, recently at Antwerp University (Belgium).

She has been President of the European Accounting Association (EAA) and is currently the Coordinator of its Stakeholder Reporting Committee (SRC). He is a member of the Sustainability Reporting Board (SRB) of EFRAG, and in the period 2001-2004 he was a member of the Financial Reporting Technical Expert Group (FR TEG) of EFRAG. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA) and of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of University Professors of Accounting (ASEPUC) and has held various academic positions at the University of Valencia.

She is the author of numerous publications in prestigious magazines, as well as books and monographs. She has been and is principal investigator of various research projects at the national and international level, highlighting her participation in HARMONIA and INTACCT, both funded by the European Union.

Complete profile:

Gemma Sánchez-Danes

Acting Head of Secretariat, Sustainability Reporting (ESRS), EFRAG

Gemma Sanchez-Danes forms part of the Sustainability Reporting leadership team with a focus on Social and Cross-cutting.  In her role, Gemma manages and oversees the various workstreams of the technical advice that EFRAG is developing for the European Commission according to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Since the publication of the draft ESRS in 2022, she has been presenting in outreach events and educational sessions her areas of focus, cross-cutting, digitisation and social standards, with various stakeholders and standard-setters and she is currently leading the implementation guidance on Materiality assessment. Prior to joining EFRAG, Gemma was a financial services assurance partner at PwC in the UK and Spain

Complete profile:

Hans Biemans

Head of Sustainable Markets, ING 

Member, EU Platform on Sustainable Finance

Hans Biemans MSc MiF is Head of Sustainable Markets at ING since 2016 and Member of the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance since 2023, representing the European Banking Federation.

He has previously worked at Rabobank since 2002 and has integrated sustainability in the mainstream business of the group (capital markets, retail and wholesale finance, private banking, private equity, leasing, and real estate).

Furthermore, he has also explored business development opportunities in areas such as renewable energy, bioeconomy, green building, climate change, and brownfield remediation. Biemans holds a Master in Molecular Sciences from Wageningen Agricultural University as well as a Master in Financial Economics from Tilburg University (Tias), and studied Ethics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Until 2002, Biemans was vice president of the structured reinsurance department at Eureko Reinsurance and sales manager for Interpolis (Achmea Group) corporate clients.

Complete profile:

José Luis Blasco

Global Sustainability Director, Acciona

José Luis is the Global Sustainability Director at ACCIONA. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Instituto de Empresa. With over two decades of experience, he has excelled in managing, developing, and independently reviewing corporate responsibilities.

In 2019, José Luis joined ACCIONA, assuming the role of Global Sustainability Director. Additionally, he is a member of the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, representing the European Commission.

Throughout his extensive career, José Luis has held significant positions in various companies. He became a partner at KPMG in 2008 after joining the firm in 2003. Before that, he served as Director in the Central Department of Cruz Roja, Internal Auditor at the National Westminster Bank, and Director at the NatWest España, Teneo, and Entorno Foundations.

Beyond his professional endeavors, José Luis is also deeply involved in academia, sharing his expertise as a professor at different universities. His outstanding contributions to the field of sustainability have earned him international recognition. Furthermore, he serves as the director of the ESG financial analysts training program, focusing on corporate governance, social responsibility, and environmental matters at IEAF in Spain.

Complete profile:

Malene Thiele

VP, ESG & Suistainability

Malene Thiele has been working with the sustainability profession from many different angles – private sector, public sector, and interest organizations.

Previously chairman of the board for the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative and member of the 2030 Panel which supports the political work of the 2030 Network in Denmark, consisting of members of the Danish Parliament. On behalf of Nilfisk, elected member of the board of UN Global Compact Network Denmark.

Complete profile:

Martina Macpherson

Head of ESG Product Strategy & Management, SIX

Martina is Head of ESG Product Strategy and Management at SIX Financial Information, the Exchange Group that operates the Swiss and Spanish Stock Exchanges. She has over 20 years of sustainable finance experience, in industry and academia, and is an award-winning ESG influencer, researcher, incubator and entrepreneur.

Prior to her role at SIX, she was Head of ESG Strategy at ODDO BHF Asset Management, Senior Vice President, ESG and Engagement Strategy at Moody’s, Global Head of ESG Index Products and Research at S&P DJI, Managing Director of Sustainable Investments Partners Ltd. and Vice President of ESG Solutions at MSCI. Earlier in her career, she worked in (ESG) product, research and engagement roles at Insight Investment, F&C AM and at Deutsche Bank AG.

Martina has an MBA certificate in finance and business from London School of Business and Finance in the UK, and a M.A. in Law and Human Sciences from University of Frankfurt in Germany. She is a fellow member of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) UK, a honorary doctoral fellow of the Institute for Certified Risk Management Professionals (ICRMP) UK, and an alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation (“Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes”). She is currently undertaking a part-time PhD at University of Cardiff, UK, in sustainable accounting and finance.

Martina is an academic lecturer, writer and public speaker in sustainable investing and has co-authored a range of ESG and Fintech books, including “The AI Book” (Wiley, 2020), the “Handbook on Species Extinction Accounting and Biodiversity” (Routledge, 2022), and the text book on “ESG in Portfolio Analysis” (RiskBooks, 2022). She has formed part of various leading industry associations and initiatives and now chairs the board of the Future of Sustainable Data Alliance (FoSDA), the industry’s leading body for the ESG data, ratings and index industry. She is also FoSDA’s co-chair of the Policy and Regulations working group. Moreover, she is a member of the All-Parties-Parliamentary-Group (APPG) on ESG at Houses of Parliament UK, and a member of the European Law Institute’s Sustainability Regulations Advisory Group.

For her work in sustainable finance and leadership, she was awarded the title “Top 50 Woman in Finance” by the World Finance Forum (WFF) in 2022. For SIX, she has won multiple ESG product strategy and initiatives awards in 2022 and 2023.

Complete profile:

Mathilde Dufour

Head of Sustainability Research, Mirova

Mathilde Dufour has been Director of Sustainability Research within Mirova since January 2022.

Previously, she was Head of Sustainability Research – listed assets since July 2020, in charge of coordinating ESG and thematic research activities for Mirova and its clients.

Mathilde joined the group in 2009. From 2013 until July 2020, she was co-Head of Mirova’s Sustainability Research.

Having participated in the creation of the company, she has actively participated in the development of a unique sustainability research methodology for Mirova and impact measurement tools.

Mathilde Dufour began her career in 2007 at EthiFinance, a French CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblity) rating agency specialized in small and mid-cap companies.

Mathilde Dufour holds a master’s degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Bordeaux.

Complete profile:

Simon Braaksma

Senior Director, Philips

Sustainability Reporting Board Member, EFRAG

Simon Braaksma has been responsible for Philips’ internal and external sustainability reporting, including its integrated Annual Reports for the past 13 years. Next to this, he is responsible for Philips’ engagement with ESG investors and the company’s climate action program. Simon was also involved with the WEF Stakeholder Capitalism framework development and is engaged with the IFRS sustainability reporting standards development. He also has extensive experience with ESG rating agencies and investor surveys.

Simon Braaksma has been responsible for Philips’ internal and external sustainability reporting, including its integrated Annual Reports for the past 13 years. Next to this, he is responsible for Philips’ engagement with ESG investors and the company’s climate action program. Simon was also involved with the WEF Stakeholder Capitalism framework development and is engaged with the IFRS sustainability reporting standards development. He also has extensive experience with ESG rating agencies and investor surveys.

Simon Braaksma has been responsible for Philips’ internal and external sustainability reporting, including its integrated Annual Reports for the past 13 years. Next to this, he is responsible for Philips’ engagement with ESG investors and the company’s climate action program. Simon was also involved with the WEF Stakeholder Capitalism framework development and is engaged with the IFRS sustainability reporting standards development. He also has extensive experience with ESG rating agencies and investor surveys.

Complete profile:

Thomas Willman

Regulatory Lead, Clarity AI

As part of the Product Research and Innovation team, Thomas is responsible for ensuring compliance products meet regulators’ demands. In addition, it monitors new regulations or regulations that arise in different geographies, to identify new opportunities in which Clarity AI can provide solutions.

Thomas has extensive experience in financial regulation, having worked for the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and, more recently, the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). There he worked on the development of new regulatory frameworks, helping to establish global standards to regulate securities markets for IOSCO members (more than 100 capital markets regulators around the world). He has a degree in Economics and Political Sciences from Trinity College Dublin and a master’s degree in Financial Economics from the University of London (Birkbeck).

Complete profile:

Will Martindale

Co-founder and Managing Director, Canbury Insights

Will is Co-founder and Managing Director at Canbury, as well as former Head of Sustainability at Cardano. With a background in credit derivatives trading at JPMorgan and a 1st class maths degree from King’s College, he brings a wealth of expertise.

As the author of “Responsible Investment, An Insider’s Account,” Will offers a unique perspective on responsible investment. He has also served as the Director of Policy and Research at UN PRI.

Will’s diverse career showcases his commitment to integrating sustainability into financial strategies. With a Masters in Comparative Politics from LSE, he navigates the intersections of finance, sustainability, and policy, making him a notable figure in the professional landscape.

Recent publications:

Complete profile:


Marcio Viegas

Founder and Managing Director, SUST4IN

Founder and Managing Director of SUST4IN for 10 years, Professor, Principal Researcher. Executive at management level and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in sustainability in 30 countries. Before founding SUST4IN, Marcio worked at several multinationals, such as Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register and British Standards Institution (BSI), where he was the Managing Director of the Spain and France clusters.

Marcio has developed and leads several training programmess at SUST4IN, including the ESG Metrics International Executive Programme. Marcio is a visiting professor at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, IE University, Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB), Istituto European di Design (IED) and other academic institutions. He is also a principal researcher with recent reports and articles published by WWF, Spainsif and other entities. Pro-bono expert and steward at international level: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Council for Inclusive Capitalism and others.

Marcio has a solid academic background as an engineer, BSc and MSc, from the University of São Paulo and Executive MBA from IE Business School. In addition to dedicating himself to his continuous training and research on issues related to sustainability since 1998. Recently Marcio has been one of the first “non- financial” professionals to achieve the international IFRS FSA Credential certification.

Recent publications:

The end of “non-financial” reporting and the quest for sustainability standards, Environmental Finance

How to ensure the ESG credentials of green bondsHow to ensure the ESG credentials of green bonds, Environmental Finance

Financing climate change adaptation: new schemes applicable to the insurance sector, WWF (report in Spanish)

ESG: time to move from commitments to metrics, Expansión (article in Spanish)

Complete profile:

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Acting Head of Secretariat, Sustainability Reporting (ESRS), EFRAG